The cash you need.
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The cash you need. The respect you deserve.

When times are tough, we don’t want to make them tougher!


Nice Guys offers quick, easy loans without the red tape of a bank or the unfair interest rates and fees of a payday loan center. We understand how hard it can be when you need money fast. So we’re here to treat you with respect—with great rates, great service, and a great experience.

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Why our customer trust us

The BEST to work with. To say these guys haven’t saved my neck a few times would be a lie. 11/10 recommend for loans. These guys aren’t sharks like every other loan service.

– Timothy V.

Tim and Brady were awesome!! They were so quick to get me approved and for a great rate! They were also able to get my funds to me in the same day which is amazing because I needed to pay for school!! These guys are truly amazing and I will recommend them to everyone!! I would give them 10 stars if I could!!

– Jeremy Y.

These guys are the most honest and reliable company I’ve ever borrowed from. I compared rates to many other lenders, and they were a fraction of the cost. Also love a local lender.

– Bradley P.

Tim has been so amazing to work with. They understand life happens and treat you with respect. I can’t thank him enough and love this company! 10 out of 10 WOULD recommend!

– Brittany H.

Have had nothing but exceptional service from this company. I have borrowed funds a few times from these guys and every time they make the process very quick and simple. Customer service is also fantastic,  had a small error once when it came to billing and I was able to speak with a representative and have the issue resolved and refunded right then and there. 10/10, would recommend if you need funds in a tight spot!

– Christopher M.

I was able to fill the application out online, communicate via email, sign and receive my money within a few hours. I appreciated the convenience of the entire process and that I was treated like a human being. I highly recommend Nice Guys Loans.

– Kesta M.

Nice Guys Loans rates and fees are among the lowest of any around!

We know it’s difficult to come up with all the money to pay your loan off at once, so if you are approved, we will also give you the option of paying it off in installments at the end of each month!

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