The unexpected can (and does!) happen to all of us—sometimes adding the surprise burden of financial stress. When the unforeseen happens, a short-term or payday loan can be a great way to get the money you need. And with a short-term loan’s simple qualification process and quick approval time, you can also avoid the consequences of late bills or missing payments—saving you money on overdraft and late fees as well. From emergency home or car repairs, to accidents resulting in medical bills and more, it’s not hard to find yourself in a situation where some extra cash could really help out. So, when is it a good time to think about a short-term loan? Let’s walk through some common situations where a payday loan can really help out, as well as highlight the benefits this type of loan provides.



Here in Utah, we’re no stranger to the extreme highs and lows of our dry desert summers and frigid Rocky Mountain winters. What if your furnace stops working in the middle of a winter storm? Or your air conditioner leaves you stranded in the summer? Scenarios like these are where a payday loan can be exactly what you need—helping you get the repairs you need taken care of so you and your family can not only live comfortably, but be safe from the extreme heat and cold of the seasons as well.


Utahns are an active group—seizing any opportunity to explore all the recreational opportunities our state provides. From camping and hiking to fishing, skiing, rafting, rock climbing, cycling, water skiing, and so much more, we live in a great state for outdoor activities. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and emergency room visits can be incredibly expensive. Medical bills are never fun for anyone, especially when they come out of nowhere. Add to that the stress of missing work and paychecks from a serious injury and it’s easy to see how quickly an accident can become a huge financial burden.  Having enough money at hand to cover the unexpected simply may not be in your budget. Getting a short-term loan can provide the funds you need quickly and easily, helping you stay on top of medical bills and expenses before they pile up sand letting you focus on your recovery.


Payday loans are a great tool to keep in your emergency financial toolbox for other scenarios as well:

  • Household bills piling up
  • Tuition and school supplies
  • Emergency travel to care for sick family
  • Unexpected moving costs
  • Having major appliances break down
  • Unexpected car repairs
  • Big-ticket life events: weddings, last-minute vacations, etc.


There are many benefits to applying for a cash advance. The biggest one is that you’ll get the funds you need right away. Other benefits to consider when you’re thinking about a short-term loan include:

  • You don’t need perfect credit for a payday loan—low credit is ok!
  • Helps to build your credit
  • Most loans do not require any collateral (house, car, etc.)
  • Repayment flexibility
  • No long-term commitments


Short-term loans are meant to help out in a pinch. They’re great if you need money fast and you’re capable of paying back the loan quickly. They’re also very easy to qualify for. Generally, the whole process of getting a short-term is fairly quick and painless.



Nice Guys Loans know that when times are tough, adding the stress and worry of money only makes the situation you’re in more challenging. It’s easy for anyone to find themselves in a situation where they just don’t have what they need to take care of a problem. With Nice Guys Loans, you not only get the cash you need, but the respect you deserve. Nice Guys makes it simple; get quick cash with same-day approval and funding in five easy steps. You’ll get the money you need with payment terms that work for you.

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